Narrow Bed Round Bar Straightening Press

For Round Bar, Flat Bar, and Tube Straightening

The Savage Narrow Bed Round Bar Straightening Press features two (2) axes of ram movement (X & Y) and customized straightening accessories to create the perfect solution for straightening medium to large diameter round workpieces. Most commonly, these presses are used to straighten:

  • Shafting or round bars with larger diameters and long lengths
  • Tubing with heavy walls, large diameters, and long lengths


Pipe straightening presses feature two axes of movement, purposefully designed for straightening round bars, pipes, and other tubular such as drills for onshore/offshore oil applications.

Components typically straightened on Savage Presses:

  • Downhole drills (rotors and stators)
  • Drill pipes / tubular
  • Liner hangers and drill collars
  • Pump shafts, motor shafts, axles
  • Titanium bars
  • Cannon barrels
  • Mud motors

The workpiece is crane-loaded onto pressing anvils, and the high spot is indicated. The gantry is then positioned over the high spot, and the Savage Ram Position Controller (RPC) limits the ram stroke to prevent over-bending. The Straightening Accessories lift, rotate, and relocate to achieve the optimal straightening position for each high spot.

Features and Benefits

Savage offers standard features and options to meet your needs and simplify your operation:

  • Ram stroke control to ±0.001″ tolerance to prevent over bending of the workpiece
  • Traveling gantry – Travels to position over the high point
  • Traveling Straightening Accessories position, rotate, and reposition the workpiece during the straightening process
  • Ergonomic joystick controls for ram movement
  • Long-reach dial indicators for straightening
  • Remote pendant control
  • Traveling operator’s platform on high-tonnage presses with taller beds
  • Brass liners for polished shafting
  • End anvils to address difficult end hooks

Customization Options

In addition to these standard features, Savage Engineering customizes every narrow bed round bar straightening press to meet your unique requirements. We’ll work with you to customize:

  • Tonnage
  • Bed length
  • Stroke
  • Powered Lift/Rotation Station and V-Block Anvils (with replaceable hardened liners) or U-Block Anvils accommodate different workpieces; includes spring-loaded wheels and edge roller guides to maintain the centerline
  • Safety Stop Bar to protect personnel from workpiece breakage
  • Optional quick-change V-Blocks (for shafts) and custom-sized U-Blocks (for thin-walled tubing)
  • Replaceable, hardened anvil liners

Why Choose Us?

For nearly 60 years, family-owned Savage Engineering has been designing and building high-quality, durable hydraulic presses to meet each customer’s unique needs and exact job specifications. Our process is fully integrated from concept to delivery. You’ll receive onsite installation and training, as well as technical support throughout the operating life of your press.

All Savage presses are made in the USA. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and success. Let us design the pipe straightening press your business deserves!