C-Frame Hydraulic Press

For Forming, Assembly, Molding, and More

What Is A C-Frame Hydraulic Press?

The Gap Frame Press, also known as a C-Frame hydraulic press, is easily distinguished by its unique frame design that creates a “C” around the bed bolster. Custom gap frame presses can be preferred for their wide-open, three-sided accessibility as well as portability. They are perfect for tighter workspaces as they are self-contained, creating only a small footprint. For applications under 100 tons, the C-Frame hydraulic press is the most economically-priced small bed hydraulic press.


Our C-Frame hydraulic presses are offered in several models, with both unguided and guided platen models. Optional hydraulic ejectors and hydraulic cushions are available. C-Frames are frequently employed in the following applications:

  • Forming
  • Bending
  • Drawing
  • Trimming
  • Component assembly
  • Punching
  • Crimping
  • Staking
  • Riveting
  • Straightening


Based on your application, the following components are tailored to your requirements:

  • Bed size
  • Stroke
  • Daylight opening
  • Speeds
  • Tonnage
  • Working height
  • Platen safety block option
  • Bolster

The C-Frame is a truly versatile design, applicable for hundreds of different applications. The following are just a few examples:

  • Within the automotive industry, gap frame presses are instrumental in forming metal parts such as engine mounts, and seat frames. Also used for assembly, and staking components together.
  • The electronics industry uses these presses to manufacture electrical components such as electronic connectors and diverse computer parts.
  • The guided C-frame forms and assembles essential medical devices and surgical equipment.
  • Industrial manufacturing relies on C-frame presses to fabricate hardware ranging from spring clips to forklift components. They are perfectly-suited for trimming, assembling, and bending operations abound.
  • Drilling and mining industries employ the C-frame (complete with Savage’s custom straightening accessories) to straighten shafts and tubulars as well as flats, bars, and special components.
  • The defense industry uses huge C-frame presses with pre-stressed frames to bend steel plate for ship building. The Navy also employs C-frame presses for on-board applications at sea.

Why Choose Us?

For nearly 60 years, family-owned Savage Engineering has been designing and building high quality, durable hydraulic presses to meet each customer’s unique needs and exact job specifications. Our process is fully integrated from concept to delivery. You will receive onsite installation and training, and technical support throughout the operating life of your press.

All Savage presses are made in the USA. We are committed to your complete satisfaction and success. Let us design custom gap frame press that your business deserves!