Deep Drawing Presses

Savage offers Drawing and Deep Drawing Presses in four-post guided platen, gib-guided and straight side housing type frames. Fully hydraulic powered cushions, knockouts, ejectors, and blank holders provide a variety of configurations to meet your tool requirements. Savage Double Action Draw Presses and Triple Action Draw Presses have optional slide constructions to accommodate your specific tools.

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4-Post Drawing Press

These are the most conventional style of draw presses, with a down-acting punch and lower cushion. They are equipped with fully programmable tonnage, speed, and position, with program storage, quick die change systems, and cushion. These machines are also offered in a straight-side construction.

The twin 250 ton Deep Drawing Presses (left) are installed at Pratt & Whitney and are used in forming applications.

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C-Frame Guided Platen Metal Drawing Press

C-Frame Guided Platen Presses are used for a myriad of applications, the C-Frame Press can be an economical alternative for producing or assembling small parts. These machines are fully programmable and equipped with program storage, quick die change systems, and cushion. These workhorse presses are also self-contained as to be easily moved to the work cell.

The 250-ton C-Frame Guided Platen Press (left) has a down-acting punch with a lower cushion for forming/drawing sheet metal. Built for Grimes Aerospace.

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Triple Action Deep Drawing Press

Triple Action Presses are available in 4 post and straight side construction with different slide configurations. The press shown (left) is a conventional press with the punch holder slide above the blank holder (the punch die passes through a hole in the blank holder) and a hydraulic cushion located in the bed. This press is also available with the blank holder on top and the punch centered within the blank holder as an inner slide.

This 200-ton Triple-Action Deep Draw Press (left) was originally designed and built for Union Carbide.

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C-Frame Guided Platen Drawing Press with Cushion

Savage C-Frame Draw Presses feature 2-post or 4-post guided platens for die sets. Gib-guided platens are available for the most demanding applications.

This 50-ton C-Frame Press (left) includes an eight-bushing guide system, swing-out side guards, and light curtains for operator safety during die changeover. This design incorporates a fully -hydraulic cushion, removable t-slotted bolsters, leveling pads, die safety block, and high-speed hydraulics.

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4-Post Deep Drawing Press

This 350-ton press was designed for Impact Industries to draw stainless steel pans. A fully-guided hydraulic cushion prevents wrinkling of the sheet.

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Designed to Fit YOUR Application

Drawing Press Designs are available with:

  • Conventional slide (punch) above the blank holder
  • Punch within the blank holder consisting of an inner punch slide with an outer down-acting blank holder and lower cushion.
  • Up-acting lower punch with a down-acting blank holder (and/or cushion).

Electro-hydraulic controls are available to make any or all of the press functions programmable. The Savage setup controller with a touchscreen operator interface is user-friendly.
At the touch of a finger, the operator can change press set-ups from those stored in memory, making set-up faster and consistently repeatable from job to job. Simply enter a job number assigned to a die and the press is ready to run. Optimum pre-established setpoints are automatically entered for slide and cushion tonnage, speeds, positions, and dwell time values.
Savage does not stock catalog sizes. Each press is engineered to your specifications to perform your job at maximum efficiency.


  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Goods
  • Medical Devices
  • Metalforming
  • Military & Defense

Client History

  • Ball Metal Container
  • Chapin
  • Endicott Machine and Tool
  • Impact Industries
  • Nestaway
  • Nilsen Manufacturing
  • Norpin
  • Pratt and Whitney
  • Rock Island Arsenal
  • Scott Fetzer Company
  • Union Carbide


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